Honoring God, Building Community, and Enjoying Creation is the mission of the Feliciana Retreat and Conference Center.

Founded on Christian principles, we honor God by encouraging faith development, providing a welcoming environment to all, and maintaining ethical standards that respect the dignity of our guests and staff members. While this allows us to build sustainable relationships within our organization and the surrounding community, it also facilitates our work in developing community within the groups we serve. As we serve, we can’t help but delight in God’s good creation, of which we are stewards and caretakers. In gratitude to God, we are humbled to share this sacred space with others as we engage in environmentally sustainable and just and equitable practices that demonstrate hospitality and encourage devotion. While not every group we host or every employee will necessarily be religiously affiliated, as the FRCC, we intend to bear witness to our faith in Christ through the content of our character as caretakers of this sacred space.

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